10 legs 8 broken poem

Imagine this scenario: you’re going about your day at home when, suddenly, a spider catches your eye in the shadows. If you’re anything like others people, you’re not exactly extending a warm welcome to our eight-legged neighbors. They tend to show up uninvited, spinning webs without so much as a “hello” or a heads-up. Quite impolite, wouldn’t you agree?

Recently, We found came across a thought-provoking poem titled “Ten Legs, Eight Broken.” It’s a captivating piece that flips the narrative on spiders, urging us to reconsider our knee-jerk reactions to these arachnids.

The poem opens with a direct address to the spider, expressing Fear and resentment. However, it takes a poignant turn as the spider responds, shedding light on its own vulnerability and lack of intent to cause harm. It poses a compelling question: if the spider appeared more conventionally appealing, would our reaction be different?

This introspective piece challenges us to empathize with creatures we often regard with disdain. It prompts consideration of the consequences of our actions and the biases that shape our perceptions.

While the poem encourages empathy, it also serves as a reminder of the consequences of our actions. It underscores the importance of introspection and compassion in our interactions with the natural world.

In essence, Ten Legs, Eight Broken poem serves as a catalyst for reflection, inviting us to reconsider our attitudes towards creatures that share our world. It prompts a pause before reacting impulsively, urging us to consider the perspectives of those we encounter, no matter how different they may seem.

  1. Why do people often react negatively to spiders?
  2. What is the central theme of the poem “Ten Legs, Eight Broken”?
  3. How does the poem challenge the reader’s perspective on spiders?
  4. What is the Emotional journey experienced by the speaker in the poem?
  5. How does the poem encourage readers to reconsider their attitudes towards creatures like spiders?

The “10 Legs 8 Broken Poem” is a captivating piece that explores the complexities of human relationships and the fragility of life. With its vivid imagery and raw emotions, the poem paints a poignant picture of a world where pain and loss.

Through its evocative language, the poem delves into the depths of human suffering and the search for meaning amidst empathy. It reminds us that even in the face of scare with things, the human should have empathy with others. The poem serves as a testament to the power of poetry to articulate the unspoken and to provide a cathartic release for our deepest emotions.

The poem was posted by user @user68519586 that often posts different poems on their profile, and in this case “Ten Legs, Eight Broken” received over 6m views, 1.1m likes and 24,000 comments.

10 Legs 8 Broken Poem

"To the spider,
the shadowed creature in the corner of the roomi hate you.
You scared me just as your brothers and sisters did before you,
and i will tell you what i told them,
You are a trespasser that does not belong here.
You entered without knocking.
Roamed freely like this is your home
and decorated my walls with unwanted,
silk webs without asking.
You may not be the only killer here,
but only one of us is innocent,
and it's not you.
The spider says to me,
it's brittle body squashed and dying,
It's not you, either.

There is venom infused in my fang-shaped maws,
but i was born this way.
What's your excuse?
If you could count your murders,
how long would you be counting?
Am i really this threatening?
I thought human hearts were bigger that mine,
but you have killed with malice instead of marrow of your bones
and poison bubbling behind your scowl
And i'm sorry for scaring you,
but i didn't know being seen would cost me my life.
MaybeIf you didn't fabricate the prickly feeling of my legs
creeping upon your skin while I crawled across the living room floor,
If the webs I weaved were made of cotton candy
and captured clementines, cherries, and sweet peas
rather than struggling wings and blood;

If i had a pink tongue,
push fur, a wagging tail,
and fur legs instead of eightIf i had only two eyes,
and they were glittering Stars and not supermassive block holes;
If i was the same but looked different;maybe you wouldn't hate me.
Maybe you wouldn't have loved me, either,
and maybe you still wouldn't have let me stay,
but maybe you would've shown me the door or a window.
Maybe you would've shown me mercy.
(But you are still standing, and I am still sorry).
I think
no matter how reluctant,
mercy would've been enough."

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Here analysis of the poem 10 Legs 8 Broken Poem using the SWIFT method :

Structure: The poem “10 Legs 8 Broken” is divided into two distinct parts: the human’s message to the spider and the spider’s reply. This conversational structure makes the poem feel intimate and personal. The free verse format, without a strict rhyme scheme or meter, adds to the raw and spontaneous feel of the poem. The line breaks and spacing help to emphasize key moments and thoughts, guiding the reader through the emotions of fear, guilt, and reflection.

Word Choice: The language used in the poem is straightforward and impactful, conveying strong emotions clearly. The human uses words like “scared,” “trespasser,” and “unwanted” to express their fear and frustration. In contrast, the spider’s words include “venom,” “fang-shaped maws,” and “mercy,” which highlight its natural instincts and challenge the human’s actions. The word choice creates a stark contrast between the human’s perspective and the spider’s reality, adding depth to the poem.

Imagery: The poem is rich in vivid imagery, making the scenes easy to visualize. The description of the “shadowed creature in the corner” and “silk webs” decorating the walls effectively sets the scene. The image of the spider’s “brittle body squashed and dying” is particularly striking, evoking a strong emotional response. The spider’s imagined scenarios, such as “webs made of cotton candy” and having a “wagging tail,” contrast sharply with its actual appearance, highlighting how perception influences reaction.

Figurative Language: The poem uses figurative language to deepen its meaning. Personification gives the spider a voice, making its perspective relatable. Metaphors like “venom infused in my fang-shaped maws” and “poison bubbling behind your scowl” compare the spider’s natural defenses to the human’s potential for harm, emphasizing the shared Nature of violence. These figurative elements challenge the reader to reconsider who the true threat is in the scenario.

Theme: The central theme of the poem is the complex interplay between fear, misunderstanding, and mercy. It explores how irrational fears can lead to violence and questions the morality of these actions. The human starts with hate and ends with reflection, while the spider acts according to its nature. The poem suggests that even in fear, there is room for compassion and understanding, urging readers to reconsider their quick judgments and consider mercy.

In summary, “10 Legs 8 Broken” uses its conversational structure, straightforward language, vivid imagery, and figurative language to explore themes of fear, misunderstanding, and mercy. The poem’s raw and spontaneous feel makes the emotions relatable, encouraging readers to look beyond their fears and consider compassion and understanding.


In conclusion, Ten Legs, Eight Broken offers a profound reflection on our relationship with the natural world, particularly spiders. By challenging our knee-jerk reactions and prompting empathy, the poem encourages us to consider the perspectives of creatures we often overlook or fear. It serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living beings and the importance of compassion in our interactions. Ultimately, the poem invites us to pause, reflect, and approach the world with a greater sense of understanding and empathy.

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