Funny Poems For Kids

Who said poetry can’t be funny? Funny poems for kids are a great way to make children laugh while also introducing them to the world of poetry. These poems often use silly language, unexpected rhymes, and hilarious situations to entertain readers of all ages. From poems about talking animals to poems about silly food, there’s something for everyone in the world of funny poems for kids.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your kids laugh, or if you’re just looking for a fun way to introduce them to poetry, funny poems for kids are a great option. And who knows, you might even find yourself laughing along with them! Have you ever read a funny poem that made you laugh out loud? What was it about that made it so funny?

  1. Funny Poems For Kids
  2. Rhyming Riddles
  3. Limerick Fun
  4. Silly Songs
  5. Animal Antics

1. Funny Poems For Kids

Funny poems for kids are a great way to get kids excited about reading and writing. They can be silly, nonsensical, or just plain goofy, and they’re sure to make kids laugh. Funny poems for kids can also help kids develop their imaginations and creativity. When they read funny poems, they’re not just reading words on a page; they’re also creating their own mental images of the characters and events in the poem. This can help them develop their problem-solving skills, as well as their ability to think outside the box.

In addition to being fun and educational, funny poems for kids can also be a great way to bond with your child. Reading funny poems together can be a shared experience that you’ll both enjoy. It’s a great way to spend time together, and it can also help you create lasting memories. So next time you’re looking for a fun and educational activity to do with your child, pick up a book of funny poems for kids and start reading. You’re sure to have a blast.

2. Rhyming Riddles

Get ready for a brain-twisting adventure with rhyming riddles! These clever puzzles are a fantastic way to exercise your mind while having a giggle. Each riddle is a mystery wrapped in rhyme, waiting for you to unravel it. With every correct answer, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and a Smile will spread across your face.

Rhyming riddles are not just a source of entertainment; they also encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They require you to pay attention to the words, their meanings, and the way they fit together. As you solve each riddle, you’ll be amazed by the creativity and wit behind it. So, dive into the world of “Funny Poems for Kids” and let these rhyming riddles tickle your brain and bring a smile to your day.

3. Limerick Fun

Limericks are a type of funny poem that follows a specific rhyme scheme and meter. They are often silly and nonsensical, which makes them perfect for kids. Limericks are a great way to introduce kids to poetry and help them develop their sense of humor.

If you want to write a limerick, start by thinking of a funny or silly idea. Then, write it down in five lines, following this rhyme scheme: AABBA. The first, second, and fifth lines should rhyme, and the third and fourth lines should rhyme. The meter of a limerick is also important. Each line should have eight syllables, with the exception of the fifth line, which should have five syllables. With a little practice, you’ll be able to write funny poems for kids that will make them laugh out loud.

4. Silly Songs

Get ready for a giggle-fest with our collection of silly songs within “Funny Poems for Kids”! These whimsical tunes will tickle your funny bone and have you laughing out loud. From silly animals singing opera to dancing vegetables, our silly songs are filled with nonsensical lyrics and catchy melodies that will keep kids entertained for hours.

Not only are these songs a blast to sing, but they also encourage creativity and imagination. Kids can make up their own silly songs or add their own silly lyrics to our existing ones. So, gather your friends and family, turn up the volume, and let the silliness begin!

5. Animal Antics

Get ready for a side-splitting adventure in “Animal Antics,” a hilarious collection of funny poems for kids. From the mischievous antics of a playful puppy to the silly songs of a chatty parrot, these poems will tickle your funny bone and leave you in stitches. Each verse captures the unique personalities and comical behaviors of our furry and feathered friends, making this a perfect read for young animal lovers.

In “The Curious Cat,” a curious kitty embarks on a hilarious escapade, exploring every nook and cranny of the house. Its antics will have you giggling uncontrollably, while “The Hopping Frog” takes you on a rib-tickling journey as a mischievous frog jumps and hops its way through the pages. The poems in “Animal Antics” are sure to spark your imagination and keep you entertained from cover to cover.

12 Funny Poems For Kids

1. The Silly Cow

There once was a cow named Sue,
Whose spots were a funny shade of blue.
She mooed like a train,
And ate all the grain,
And left the poor farmer feeling quite blue.

One day, with a mischievous glint in her eye,
Sue painted the barn a bright cherry pie.
The chickens went cluckin',
The horses went muckin',
The sheep said, "This farm's gone quite awry!"

The farmer, he sighed, with a shake of his head,
"That silly cow Sue, must be put back to bed!"
But then came a knock,
At the very barn door,
A baker who cried, "This pie's just what I need!"

He paid a big sum, with a grin and a bow,
And Sue, the sly cow, learned a thing or two now.
That silliness sometimes,
Can bring happy surprises,
And turn frowns upside down, moo moo!

2. The Hopping Frog

In a puddle, green and wide,
There lived a frog with a silly stride.
He hopped and he skipped,
And his tongue, it flipped,
Catching bugs with a gleeful slide.

One sunny day, with a big, booming croak,
He decided to join a talent folk.
He practiced his jumps, oh so high and so grand,
But tripped on a rock and landed in sand!

The crowd they all roared, with laughter so loud,
The frog turned quite red, feeling terribly proud.
For even a flop, can be funny, you see,
And the sillier the better, that's the key!

3. The Upside-Down Cat

The Upside-Down Cat

A cat named Mittens, oh so strange,
Loved to hang upside down, it's true.
She'd swing from the chandelier,
With her tail in the air,
Making everyone giggle and coo.

The Dog, a big fellow named Rex,
Would scratch his head in utter perplex.
"Why hang by your toes, dear Mittens?" he'd sigh,
"The floor is much comfier, give it a try!"

But Mittens just blinked with a mischievous grin,
"The world's more exciting when seen from within!
The pictures all look like a jumbled up mess,
But upside down living, that's the best!"

4. The Talking Parrot

Polly the parrot, wise and bold,
Could mimic words like a story told.
She'd say, "Hello, my dear!"
And make everyone cheer,
With her silly squawks and laughter rolled.

One day the postman came to the door,
A package for Mrs. Smith next door.
Polly perched on his shoulder, so grand,
And squawked in a voice, "Put it in my hand!"

The postman, he jumped with a surprised shout,
"A talking parrot? This can't be out!"
Polly just winked with a mischievous gleam,
"Don't worry, kind sir, it's all just a dream!"

5. The Hungry Caterpillar

A caterpillar, oh so small,
Ate and ate until it grew tall.
It munched on leaves,
And Flowers, too,
And spun a cocoon, soft and tall.

Inside the cocoon, a funny surprise,
The caterpillar didn't just close its eyes.
It dreamt of pancakes, a tower so high,
And mountains of cookies that reached to the sky!

When at last it emerged, a beautiful sight,
A butterfly bright, taking flight.
But first, with a flutter and comical frown,
It searched for some snacks, flying all around!

6. The Sneezing Elephant

An elephant named Elmer,
Had a sneeze that made the ground tremble.
He'd blow his trunk,
With a mighty thunk,
And send everyone tumbling.

One day at the watering hole, so grand,
Elmer felt a tickle, he couldn't withstand.
He tried to hold it in, with all of his might,
But a giant "ACHOO!" took flight!

Zebras went flying, stripes a blur,
Monkeys swung wildly, clinging to fur.
The hippos all tumbled, end over end,
While Elmer apologized, feeling quite glum, my friend.

But then something funny, a sight to behold,
A tiny seed sprouted, a flower of gold!
Elmer's sneeze, it seemed, had a magical touch,
Making beautiful blooms with just a light puff!

From that day on, Elmer's sneezes were prized,
No more tumbling creatures, just smiles and surprised.
He'd sneeze with a flourish, a magnificent trump,
And flowers would bloom with a joyful jump!

7. The Giggling Giraffe

A giraffe named Gerald, oh so tall,
Had a giggle that echoed through the hall.
He'd laugh and he'd grin,
And his neck would spin,
Making everyone smile at his call.

One day at the zoo, with a mischievous gleam,
He saw a red hat on a tourist's head gleam.
With a stretch and a wiggle, so sly and so quick,
He snatched that red hat with a flick of his flick.

The tourist looked up, oh so very surprised,
As Gerald the giraffe, with the hat, tantalized.
He tossed it and bounced it, right up to the sky,
And giggled so hard, a tear filled his eye.

The crowd roared with laughter, a joyous delight,
At the silly giraffe, and his mischievous might.
The tourist, he chuckled, not a frown to be seen,
For a giggle like Gerald's, is a joyful routine!

8. The Winking Owl

An owl named Ollie, wise and sly,
Had a wink that made everyone cry.
He'd blink one eye,
With a mischievous sigh,
And make everyone wonder why.

Now Ollie wasn't mean, not a bit in his heart,
But his winks were a trick that tore stories apart.
He'd perch on a branch, with a hoot and a stare,
And wink at the rabbits, who'd scatter in despair.

"The fox is behind you!" his wink seemed to say,
Sending the bunnies in a terrified stampede all day.
He'd wink at the frogs, who'd jump in the pond,
And wink at the mice, making their whiskers all respond.

But then one sunny day, with a mischievous gleam,
He winked at a squirrel, hoarding a nut's precious dream.
The squirrel, he stopped, with a twitch of his tail,
And looked at the owl, with a question that did not fail.

"Is it tastier roasted?" the squirrel squeaked bold,
Ollie blinked in surprise, his story untold.
The squirrel with a grin, cracked the nut open wide,
"Thanks for the tip, Ollie!" and winked with his side.

From that day on, Ollie's winks lost their might,
For everyone knew, they weren't always a fright.
But a chance to play tricks, a nudge and a grin,
A wink and a giggle, the fun would begin!

9. The Singing Squirrel

A squirrel named Squeaky, oh so bold,
Had a voice that made everyone hold.
He'd sing and he'd dance,
With a merry prance,
And make everyone happy and bold.

His voice, it was high, like a tiny tin horn,
But his songs were quite silly, from morning to morn.
He'd sing of lost acorns and upside-down trees,
Of fluffy-tailed friends and ticklish knees.

The birds in the branches would cock their heads high,
As Squeaky sang loudly beneath the bright sky.
The grumpy old badger would peek from his den,
Tapping his foot, a reluctant grin.

One day in the forest, a grand concert was planned,
For all the creatures, by paw and by hand.
The owl was the maestro, with a baton so grand,
But the star of the show, no one had planned.

Squeaky, he scurried, quite nervous and shy,
His voice, would it falter? Would everyone cry?
But the owl gave a wink, with a knowing little smile,
"Sing, Squeaky, sing loud, for a little while!"

And Squeaky he sang, with his heart full of glee,
Of acorns and sunshine and a nut-filled tree.
The forest erupted, with laughter and cheer,
For Squeaky's silly song banished all Fear.

From that day on, Squeaky, the singing star,
Brought joy to the forest, near and far.
His voice, though quite high, and his songs rather strange,
Filled hearts with delight, with a joyful exchange.

10. The Dancing Bear

A bear named Bruno, big and brown,
Loved to dance and turn around.
He'd twirl and he'd spin,
With a joyful grin,
And make everyone laugh at his sound.

Now Bruno, he wasn't the most graceful of souls,
His steps were a jumble, his stumbles took tolls.
He'd trip on his toes, then lumber and prance,
A sight quite hilarious, a comical dance.

The birds in the trees would chirp with delight,
As Bruno attempted a pirouette in the sunlight.
The rabbits would giggle and thump their hind feet,
At his clumsy shuffles and floppy bear feet.

One day in the forest, a grand ball was planned,
A gathering of creatures, by hoof and by hand.
The queen, a majestic lioness, held court so grand,
But Bruno, the dancer, wasn't quite in demand.

He shuffled his paws, feeling left out and blue,
Wishing he could dance with grace, just like a few.
But then, with a smile, a tiny voice squeaked,
"Would you like to dance, Mr. Bear?" a small mouse peeked.

Bruno looked down, surprised and unsure,
Could a clumsy bear dance on a miniature floor?
But the mouse gave a nod, with a twinkle in his eye,
"Come on, Mr. Bear, let's give it a try!"

And so, Bruno and the mouse, they began to sway,
A clumsy bear jig with a squeak all the way.
The forest erupted, with cheers and with glee,
For Bruno's funny dance set all creatures free.

From that day on, Bruno, the dancing bear,
Showed everyone joy doesn't require a care.
That clumsy steps and laughter so bright,
Could fill any forest with pure delight.

11. The Talking Fish

The fish named Freddie, oh so smart,
Could talk and sing like a work of art.
He'd chat and he'd joke,
With the shrimp and the croak,
Making everyone chuckle and start.

He'd tell them of pirates with ships made of cheese,
And mermaids who sang with voices that wheeze.
He'd boast of his battles with fearsome sea bugs,
And chases with crabs with pinchy red mugs.

The other fish listened, with wide, glassy eyes,
Some rolling their fins, with surprised sighs.
"A pirate ship made of cheese, that can't be!"
"And singing mermaids? Don't be silly with me!"

But Freddie just winked with a mischievous glint,
"The truth is much stranger, a real fishy tint!
There's a whole world out there, beyond this here reef,
With talking octopuses and dancing sea beef!"

One day, a strange object came sinking below,
A metal contraption, making a gurgling flow.
The fish all grew nervous, huddled in fright,
But Freddie, he swam up, with all of his might.

He tapped on the window, and a face peered down,
A human with goggles, with a curious frown.
"Hello!" said the diver, his voice muffled and strange,
"Can any of you fishes speak English, by chance?"

The other fish gasped, "Did you hear that, did you see?"
But Freddie just puffed out his chest proudly, you see.
"Of course we can speak it! Why wouldn't we know?
Now, tell me, dear human, where would you like to go?"

From that day on, Freddie became quite the guide,
Showing the diver the wonders inside.
He proved that being silly and full of tall tales,
Could open new friendships, beyond watery trails.

12. The Silly Goose

A goose named Gabby, oh so silly,
Had a honk that made everyone silly.
She'd quack and she'd squawk,
And make everyone talk,
In a language that was oh so willy.

Her honks weren't the usual honks of a goose,
But a jumble of sounds, quite loose and obtuse.
"Boopity-boop!" she'd proclaim with a grin,
And the ducks would all quack, "What in the fin?"

The cows in the field would moo in surprise,
Their tails swishing wildly, with wide, curious eyes.
The sheep would all baa, in a confused bleat,
"What language is that? It sounds quite a feat!"

But Gabby just honked with a joyful delight,
Spreading her silliness with all of her might.
She'd chase after butterflies, yelling "Blippity-bloo!"
And dance in the puddles with a happy "Whoo hoo!"

One sunny day, by the farmyard gate,
A grumpy old farmer stood grumbling in hate.
His corn had been nibbled, a terrible sight,
And he blamed all the animals, with all of his might.

But then Gabby came waddling, with a big, goofy grin,
And honked out a message, "Flibberty-fin!"
The farmer stopped short, a puzzled look grew,
Then a smile slowly spread, a soft chuckle too.

He didn't know what Gabby had said, it was true,
But her silliness sparked a laughter brand new.
He scratched his head, with a twinkle in his eye,
"Maybe a little silliness wouldn't be a lie!"

From that day on, Gabby's honks filled the air,
A reminder that laughter can chase away care.
And the farmyard was filled with a joyous refrain,
Of silly goose honks and a lighthearted Rain.


In conclusion, this article has provided a comprehensive and entertaining collection of resources for children’s entertainment. From the whimsical humor of funny poems to the brain-teasing fun of rhyming riddles, there is something here to engage and delight children of all ages. The silly songs offer a delightful way to encourage singing and movement, while the animal antics provide a playful and educational look at the natural world. By incorporating these elements into their daily routine, parents and educators can foster a Love of language, laughter, and learning in the young minds they nurture.

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