Funny Thanksgiving Poems
Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and of course, food. But what if you’re looking for a little something extra to add to the festivities? How about a few funny Thanksgiving poems? These poems are sure to get a laugh out of your guests and help you celebrate the holiday in a lighthearted way.

So, gather your loved ones around and prepare to be entertained. These poems are full of witty observations about Thanksgiving traditions, food, and family. You’ll find poems about everything from the dreaded turkey to the inevitable post-dinner nap. And who knows, you might even learn a thing or two about the history of Thanksgiving along the way.

  1. Funny Thanksgiving Poems
  2. Thanksgiving Humor
  3. Turkey Day Laughs
  4. Pilgrim Pranks
  5. Feast of Fun

Funny Thanksgiving Poems

Funny Thanksgiving poems are a great way to add some humor to your holiday celebration. They can be shared with family and friends, or even used as a way to start a conversation about the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Whether you’re looking for a quick laugh or a more thoughtful reflection on the holiday, there’s sure to be a funny Thanksgiving poem that’s perfect for you.

Some funny Thanksgiving poems focus on the food, while others poke fun at the family dynamics that often come into play during the holiday. No matter what your sense of humor, you’re sure to find a funny Thanksgiving poem that will make you Smile. So take a break from the turkey and stuffing, and enjoy a few laughs with some funny Thanksgiving poems.

2. Thanksgiving Humor

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and of course, food. But it’s also a time for laughter. There are plenty of funny Thanksgiving poems out there that can help you get into the holiday spirit. These poems poke fun at everything from the turkey to the relatives. They’re sure to make you laugh out loud.

If you’re looking for a good laugh this Thanksgiving, be sure to check out some funny Thanksgiving poems. You can find them online or in anthologies. You can also share them with your family and friends. They’re a great way to add some humor to your holiday celebration.

3. Turkey Day Laughs

Get ready for a side-splitting Thanksgiving with “Turkey Day Laughs,” a collection of hilarious poems that will have you chuckling over your turkey and stuffing. These witty verses capture the absurdity and joy of the holiday, from the frantic preparations to the inevitable food coma. Whether you’re a seasoned Thanksgiving veteran or a first-timer, these poems will provide a much-needed dose of humor amidst the chaos.

So gather your loved ones, grab a slice of pumpkin pie, and settle in for a literary feast. “Turkey Day Laughs” is the perfect accompaniment to your Thanksgiving celebration, reminding you that even the most stressful of holidays can be filled with laughter and merriments. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these funny Thanksgiving poems that will make your holiday truly unforgettable.

4. Pilgrim Pranks

In the midst of the Thanksgiving festivities, let’s not forget the mischievous side of the Pilgrims. “Funny Thanksgiving Poems” wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse into their playful antics. Imagine the Pilgrims sneaking into the Wampanoag camp and replacing their arrows with turkey feathers, or hiding their cooking pots in the forest.

The pranks didn’t stop there. The Pilgrims were known to dress up in Native American attire and perform silly dances, much to the amusement of their hosts. And let’s not forget the time they convinced the Wampanoags to join them in a game of hide-and-seek, only to leave them stranded in the woods for hours. These hilarious escapades add a touch of humor to the traditional Thanksgiving story, reminding us that even in the midst of a serious celebration, there’s always room for a good laugh.

5. Feast of Fun

Thanksgiving is a time for feasting, and this funny poem captures the spirit of the holiday perfectly. The poem describes a table laden with all sorts of delicious food, from turkey and stuffing to pumpkin pie. The guests are all enjoying themselves, eating, drinking, and laughing. The poem ends with a toast to the holiday, and a wish that everyone has a wonderful time.

If you’re looking for a funny Thanksgiving poem to share with your family and friends, this one is sure to get a few laughs. It’s a great way to celebrate the holiday and enjoy the company of loved ones. So gather around the table, raise a glass, and enjoy this funny Thanksgiving poem. You can find more funny Thanksgiving poems like this one by searching online.

20 Funny Thanksgiving Poems

1. Turkey Trouble on Thanksgiving Day

The turkey ran away today,
Causing quite a bit of dismay,
We searched high and low,
But that bird was a no-show.
Grandma's pie sat in the kitchen,
Unaware of the turkey mission,
Cousins laughed and chased around,
Looking for that bird, nowhere to be found.

At last, we found it in a tree,
Laughing so hard, it was hard to see,
Thanksgiving dinner was quite delayed,
But the memories we made will never fade.

2. The Great Pumpkin Pie Mishap

Aunt Joan's famous pumpkin pie,
Baked with care, reached the sky,
But oh no, it slipped and fell,
On the floor, it did not dwell.
Dogs licked up the tasty treat,
Leaving crumbs around their feet,
Laughter filled the whole room,
As we swept up with a broom.

We made do with apple pie,
And laughed until we cried,
That pumpkin pie was quite a sight,
A Thanksgiving memory, pure delight.

3. The Stuffing That Wasn’t Stuffed

Uncle Bob forgot the stuffing,
Left it out, which was quite something,
We noticed as we sat to eat,
No stuffing on our plates to greet.
He ran back to the kitchen quick,
Found the mix, gave it a flick,
Into the oven it did go,
But it wasn't done, oh no!

We joked about his little miss,
And said we didn't mind a bit,
Stuffing late, but it was fine,
Made for a great Thanksgiving time.

4. Grandpa’s Gravy Surprise

Grandpa tried his hand at gravy,
Thought it would be smooth and wavy,
But what came out was thick and lumpy,
Making all our faces grumpy.
We added Water, stirred it well,
But the lumps, they did not quell,
In the end, we laughed and poured,
Gravy on the turkey, not ignored.

Grandpa's effort, we did cheer,
Even though it was quite queer,
Thanksgiving joy was still the same,
With lumpy gravy, we played the game.

5. The Missing Cranberry Sauce

Mom forgot the cranberry sauce,
We all agreed it was a loss,
But then she found it in the fridge,
Hidden behind the milk and fudge.
We passed it round with cheerful glee,
Adding it to our turkey spree,
The sauce was cold, but we didn’t care,
Thanksgiving spirit was in the air.

Laughs and chatter filled the room,
As we enjoyed the cranberry bloom,
A small mishap, but oh so sweet,
Made our dinner quite complete.

6. The Thanksgiving Table Fiasco

The table set with plates galore,
But Uncle Tim’s chair hit the floor,
He sat too quick, it tumbled down,
Laughter spread all around.
We picked him up, fixed his seat,
Placed the turkey, ready to eat,
But then the Dog ran through the room,
Chaos in the dining bloom.

Food was scattered, drinks did spill,
But we all laughed and had our fill,
Thanksgiving day, though full of mess,
Was one we cherished, we must confess.

7. Cousin Billy’s Turkey Tales

Cousin Billy told a tale,
Of turkeys big, and turkeys pale,
We laughed until we had to cry,
His stories reaching to the sky.
He claimed he saw a turkey fly,
Way up high, almost to the sky,
We knew it was a bunch of fibs,
But laughed so hard, we held our ribs.

Thanksgiving fun with family close,
Stories tall, we Love the most,
Cousin Billy, quite the star,
His turkey tales go far.

8. The Mashed Potato Mountain

A mountain of mashed potatoes high,
Piled so tall, it touched the sky,
Cousin Joe was quite impressed,
Until the mountain caused a mess.
He scooped too much, it toppled down,
Covered his shirt, and his frown,
We laughed so hard, we had to pause,
Potato mountain was the cause.

Cleaned it up, and ate some more,
Thanksgiving fun, we did adore,
A mountain high, but oh so fun,
Our Thanksgiving day was never done.

9. Grandma’s Burnt Rolls

Grandma’s rolls were baked with love,
But came out looking dark as dusk,
We laughed and teased her gentle way,
As we chewed on rolls hard as clay.
She shrugged and smiled, brought out more,
Cinnamon buns, a grand encore,
We cheered and clapped, enjoying the treat,
Her baking skills, always a feat.

Burnt rolls turned to sweet delight,
Thanksgiving day was out of sight,
Grandma’s baking saved the day,
In her kitchen, we all play.

10. The Gravy Boat Disaster

The gravy boat tipped and spilled,
Gravy on the table filled,
We tried to catch it with a spoon,
But it ran like a crazy monsoon.
We mopped it up, had some laughs,
Gravy swimming in our paths,
Dinner went on, without a hitch,
Thanksgiving memories, quite the stitch.

A little mess, but we don’t mind,
Family love, we always find,
Thanksgiving day, with all its spills,
Fills our hearts, gives us thrills.

11. The Turkey That Wouldn’t Cook

The turkey sat there, cold and raw,
Oven troubles, we all saw,
We waited long, but it stayed pink,
Our Thanksgiving plans began to sink.
We ordered pizza, made do with that,
And laughed around the welcome mat,
The turkey, finally cooked at night,
But pizza dinner was a delight.

Thanksgiving plans, they come and go,
But laughter always steals the show,
A turkey mishap, just our luck,
But memories made, we won't forget.

12. Aunt Sue’s Spicy Surprise

Aunt Sue thought she’d try a twist,
Added spices to her list,
The stuffing had a fiery kick,
Made us all grab water quick.
We teased her for her bold new plan,
But loved her for her daring span,
Laughter filled the air so bright,
A spicy stuffing, our highlight.

Thanksgiving meals with family close,
Spicy tales we love the most,
Aunt Sue’s surprise, a grand affair,
Thanksgiving warmth, beyond compare.

13. The Dessert Dilemma

The desserts were many, oh so sweet,
But Uncle Dan forgot to treat,
He brought out pies still frozen hard,
We laughed and took a good regard.
We microwaved and hoped for best,
But still, the pies were quite a jest,
We ended up with Ice cream bowls,
And cheered for Uncle Dan’s sweet goals.

Thanksgiving dinner, full of fun,
Dessert dilemma, second to none,
Uncle Dan, our dessert king,
Made our day, quite an offering.

14. The Napkin Shortage

Napkins short, we looked around,
No napkins in the kitchen found,
We used paper towels and sleeves,
As we laughed and ate with ease.
Grandpa joked, “Who needs those things?”
We wiped our faces, made some wings,
Thanksgiving fun, no napkin need,
Our family's love, the only creed.

A small mishap, a funny tale,
Thanksgiving joy, it did not fail,
Napkin shortage, a little mess,
But family love, we must confess.

15. The Frozen Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole, a staple dish,
But it was frozen, that’s our wish,
We baked it long, but still, it stayed,
A frozen block, quite a display.
We joked and poked, made funny quips,
As it defrosted, took some dips,
In the end, we had our fill,
Thanksgiving joy, the ultimate thrill.

A frozen dish, but hearts were warm,
Family laughter, quite the norm,
Thanksgiving day, with all its quirks,
Fills our hearts, it always works.

16. Uncle Joe’s Jello Disaster

Uncle Joe made jello bright,
But it didn't set quite right,
It wobbled, jiggled, slid around,
A jello mess upon the ground.
We laughed and scooped it up again,
A funny tale, to all our friends,
Thanksgiving joy, in jello form,
Our family’s love, forever warm.

Uncle Joe, our jello king,
Made Thanksgiving memories sing,
A little mess, but oh so sweet,
Family love, our true retreat.

17. The Stuffed Turkey Prank

Cousin Jim thought it’d be fun,
To stuff the turkey with a bun,
We carved and found the silly treat,
Laughed so hard, we couldn’t eat.
A Thanksgiving prank, well played and done,
Cousin Jim, the sneaky one,
Made our dinner full of cheer,
Thanksgiving fun, year after year.

A little joke, a playful twist,
Family moments, never missed,
Cousin Jim, our prankster star,
Thanksgiving joy, our guiding star.

18. The Great Cranberry Spill

The cranberry sauce, a staple bright,
Took a tumble, quite the sight,
It spilled across the tablecloth,
A crimson river, a messy broth.
We scooped it up, as best we could,
Laughed and joked, it tasted good,
Thanksgiving fun, despite the spill,
Our family’s love, a joyous thrill.

A little mess, but hearts were full,
Thanksgiving laughter, never dull,
The cranberry spill, a funny tale,
Family love, it will prevail.

19. The Lumpy Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes, thick with lumps,
Grandma's kitchen, full of bumps,
We teased her for the bumpy treat,
But ate it all, so good and sweet.
Laughter filled the kitchen air,
Thanksgiving joy, beyond compare,
A little lump, a funny joke,
Family love, it did evoke.

Grandma smiled, we all did cheer,
Thanksgiving moments, held so dear,
Lumpy spuds, but hearts were bright,
Family love, our guiding light.

20. The Burnt Turkey Tale

The turkey burned, a crispy sight,
Mom sighed and said, “It’s still alright,”
We laughed and joked, made do with ham,
Thanksgiving cheer, our family jam.
A little burn, a funny twist,
Thanksgiving memories, not to miss,
Mom’s burnt bird, a tale so grand,
Family love, always on hand.

Thanksgiving day, with all its quirks,
Family laughter, it always works,
Burnt turkey, but hearts were full,
Thanksgiving joy, never dull.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s not forget the laughter and humor that can accompany this festive occasion. Whether it’s through Funny Poems, clever pranks, or simply sharing a good chuckle, humor has a way of bringing people together and making the holiday even more enjoyable. Embrace the lighthearted side of Thanksgiving, and let the laughter fill your gatherings, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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So, gather your loved ones, share a laugh, and make this Thanksgiving a truly memorable one. Remember, a little humor can go a long way in spreading joy and making the day even more special.

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